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Our Caring Bridge Site

I began journaling on a Caring Bridge site at about 20 weeks when we shared the sad news of Karinne's diagnosis with our extended family, friends, church, and community. It was a powerful way to keep everyone updated and informed about how the pregnancy was going. It was also a special way to share my deepest and truest feelings about this bittersweet journey. Family and friends could post supportive comments and prayers in the guestbook as well. And it allowed everyone to get to know Karinne - through my words, stories, and photographs - even though most of them would never have the chance to meet her in person.

The Caring Bridge site was such a BLESSING to us and to those who followed our journey, so I'm told. You can visit our Caring Bridge site to read journal entries, guest book entries and view photos from the pregnancy through 12 weeks after Karinne's birth and entrance into heaven. Just click the link below: