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Special Mementos

We have been blessed to have many special mementos created and also given to us in Karinne's memory.  Below are photos and occasional stories or explanations to go along with the special mementos.  I wanted to show these off to family and friends and also be able to share some ideas of things that can be done for or given to families who experience the devastating loss of a baby.

Hand and Foot Impressions:

These were made using a product called Sculpey Clay which you roll out and press the hand or foot into to make an impression.  I carefully carved the writing into the clay.  Then you bake it in the oven to harden it.  We also made several more hand prints that I plan to make into ornaments for each of my children.

3D Hand, Foot, and Face Moldings:

Our sweet friend, Martha, from the perinatal hospice group at Choices Medical Clinic came out to do these precious hand and foot molds for us.  Thankfully we had received a kit of the materials from String of Pearls foundation because Martha forgot to bring along the supplies!  She made due with a small amount for the hand and foot molds and then made the face molding when they came out for the funeral. These moldings are so realistic and detailed in person and help us to remember just how tiny she really was.    For some perspective, the bottom of her foot was the length of my pinky finger!

Sometime I may add something to this one with her face.  Maybe paint her name to the side or something.  And I may have her Mamma crochet a little bit of a hat to tuck in on the top of her head.

Handmade Gifts:

My mom, Gram Martens to Karinne, made this cross stitch.  It turned out beautifully!

Thanks Mom/Gram!

My sister Valerie, Karinne's aunt, painted this beautiful wall plaque and personalized it with KARINNE and little pink tracings of her footprints.  She had asked me for a copy of footprints and I was very, very curious what she was up to.  I was very pleased to receive this lovely gift.

The quote came from the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep website - a photography organization that provides beautiful professional photographs to families who experience the loss of an infant.  We were so deeply blessed by our photographer and this foundation.

Thanks Aunt Valerie!

These tiny booties were crocheted by my mother in law, Karinne's Mamma.  She made a pink pair and a white pair.  We dressed Karinne in the white pair for her burial.  The hat was made by my husband's sister, Aunt Jynette.  She also made 2 colors and we buried Karinne wearing the white hat.

Thanks Mamma and Aunt Jynette!

Karinne's 7-year-old big sister DaNae made this nailed word art out in Daddy's workshop while I was still pregnant.  She was very proud of hammering all of those nails!

Thanks Big Sis!
DaNae also had the idea to make this little clay face in Karinne's honor.  A few weeks after Karinne's birth, she found this little toy crown and wanted to make a clay head that it would fit.  She wanted it to have blue eyes and brown hair (like the tiny amounts of hair that Karinne had).  I helped her quite a bit and it turned out pretty cute.  Such a sweet idea, Big Sis!


 Other Gifts:

Thanks Shawna!

A friend and former teacher of mine had gotten a bagful of these sweet little clay pocket tokens to give out to our family as reminders of Karinne.  She had gotten something similar after the death of her dear husband and it meant a lot to her. These also meant a lot to all of us.

Thanks Kaye Banzhaf!

This Angel and Dancer Globe Music Box was given by my sister's mother-in-law, Carol.  It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift and went perfectly with the idea of Karinne as our "Tiny Dancer!"

Thanks Carol!

Thanks Michele!

Thanks Stu!

Thanks Great Grandma Morgan, Great Aunt Mary, and Great Aunt LouDale

Thanks JoElle, Thanks Everything's A'Bloomin, and Thanks Lydia!

This "Footprints" plaque was placed at Karinne's grave on Memorial Day by an anonymous friend or family member.  I knew it was going to rain and didn't want the backing to get ruined so I brought it home with me that evening.  I hope the giver won't mind that we are enjoying it here instead of at the cemetery.


Thanks Margaret!

The following two sculptures were created by an artist named D. Antonia Truesdale.  She has an online store called The Midnight Orange where she sells these moving tiny angel sculptures.  She began making these sculptures that so expressively symbolize the many emotions of child loss in honor of her childhood friend, Christopher, who was tragically killed in an accident.  You can read the story here where the artist concludes with:  "My angel sculptures are dedicated to both Chris and his mother. It is my hope that having these emblems not only allow parents to have a tangible unity which they can hold in their hands, but that others who see these sculptures will find invitation to conversation and be comfortable talking out loud.  In my heart of hearts I pray that people see these pieces and realize that despite the overwhelming pain in losing a child, there is healing for parents to simply know people remember."  So True!!

And there is more to the story of these sculptures.  Back in March, a mom named Holly, who lost a baby to anencephaly, hosted special giveaways on her blog in honor of her daughter Carleigh's 1st Birthday.  And I won a gift certificate to get one of these sculptures!  I decided to put it towards purchasing the family sculpture called "Lifting You Up".  To my great surprise, DaNae's former kindergarten teacher arranged for several of the elementary teachers to purchase this sculpture for us.  So Sweet!  AND then I was able to get another small sculpture with my original gift certificate. 

So - Thanks to D. Antonia for creating these sculptures!  Thanks to Holly for hosting the giveaway!  And thanks to Michaela and the other elementary teachers who contributed to this gift!


Thanks to my Grandma Latimer and Aunt Vickie

Baby be Blessed Doll:  A gift certicificate for this special doll was given to us by another baby loss mom - Laura  - at String of Pearls.  My daughter DaNae and I had a fun time picking out all of the characteristics we wanted our doll to have to remind us of Karinne.  We especially loved the way the cute little crocheted flower so closely resembled the one on Karinne's little brown hat that fit her so well.  We also had fun dressing the doll in her 3 different skirts and posing her for photos.

Thanks Laura!

This lovely necklace was given to me by the special couple at Harrison Chapel who took such special care of preparing Karinne for burial.  They gave it to me the day that we went to dress Karinne for the funeral.  It was such a thoughful gift and I have worn this necklace frequently ever since.


Thanks Don and Cathy!

My dear friend from high school and almost my entire childhood, Amanda, got this bracelet for me from My Forever Child.  It is such a lovely gift that I will wear often and treasure always.

Thanks Amanda!
This tiny birthstone ring was given by the wonderful people at Choices Medical Clinic.  As tiny as Karinne was, it only fit on her pinky finger!  We have several photos in which she is wearing it and I may occasionally wear it on a chain as a necklace.

Thanks to Everyone from Choices!