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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our Pregnancy with Karinne.m4v

This is a video of photos from our pregnancy journey with Karinne.
It was a journey filled with many joys and sorrows. We were truly blessed
to be able to make precious memories with her along the way.
(Be sure to pause the music on the playlist at the bottom before viewing.)


  1. Dear Kara,
    It´s the most beautiful video I´ve ever seen. Thank you so much. I´ve been visiting Karinne´s blog sometimes, but I hand´t written any comment yet. I love the way you always talk about Karinne, and how you express your so great love for her and your joy for her life, that is bigger than your pain for her leaving. Your family is so blessed, I think you all reflect Jesus in your smiles and in your eyes. It makes me feel how much God loves us and wants to stay with us forever. I´m so sorry for Karinne´s leaving. But I´d like, also, to congratulate you for your lovely and amazing daughter Karinne.
    With love,
    Joana (Vitoria´s mother)

  2. shelbyz2008@yahoo.comMarch 5, 2011 at 3:51 PM

    My name is Shelby and on March 1st 2001 my daughter Melissa and son-inlaw Kolby by c-section gave bith to our Beautiful Gabriela Shalome. She was born with Acrania, like you and your husband Melissa and Kolby knew Gabriela had Acrania, and with such Strong Christian belives abortion was not an option for them, instead we celabrated Gabbies life. She lived for 16 days and it was the most wonerful sixteen days of our lives, and she was their first child they have three more children.

  3. So beautiful! I'd love to share your story and spotlight your blog on Honoring Our Angels. I think it would do so much good for others. Let me know if you are interested.

    Much Love,

  4. very beautiful video...she was amazing.

  5. Realmente Karinne foi incrivel, me tocou no coração muito forte, senti muito a presença de Deus nos mostrando como somos frágeis e devemos amar imensamente a todos.
    Parabéns a Karinne é linda, seus filhos e sua família também.
    Carol Biaggio

  6. SOOOO sweet! Hi I am from grief journeys. I love your blog so pretty. Thank you for the encouragement it so helps to read the stories of others. You have a beautiful family We have 5 boys(one in heaven) and one girl. thanks for sharing!