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Monday, August 9, 2010

Like an Unopened Bud

After Karinne's funeral, there were many beautiful flower arrangements filling our home.  Fairly soon, we realized that it would be special to preserve some of the flowers for further enjoyment.  So, my husband and father-in-law fashioned a flower press that my sister and I carefully arranged flowers between, layer by layer.  We also made a few bouquets to hang to dry.  Then as the remaining blooms began to fade in the vases and baskets, I dreaded the thought of throwing them away.  A dear friend of our family and my children's daycare provider, who had also lost a grown child, suggested drying the petals and later creating jars similar to these.  It was a relief to have an idea for more of the special flowers.

These petals have dried far longer than necessary - spread out on trays since May on what is supposed to be my children's craft table - waiting patiently for me to take the time to do something with them.  Today was the day I finally felt inspired - or convicted - to clear the clutter.  And below are the results.

The last jar that I made brought to mind the words our minister shared at the graveside service.  I wish I could recall just exactly what he said or any of the scriptures that he shared during the reference.  Perhaps some others of you who were there could help refresh my memory. 

He likened Karinne to an unopened bud, similar to the perfect little carnation bud at the center of this jar.

She was like a tiny flower bud in God's Garden that was so perfect, tiny and beautiful in its own way.  But she never had the chance to fully bloom in this life - at least not before our eyes here on earth.  When I found this little carnation that for some reason never opened while in its arrangement, I saved it especially for this - to signify a life that was far too short, but beautiful just the same.


  1. What a beautiful idea! I still have all our flowers hanging upside down in our basement and didn't have a clue what to do with them! Now I know!

  2. I love that idea. I wish that we had saved all of Eli's flowers to do this with. We just saved some of the ones on his main arrangement. I love the way your pastor described your beautiful baby girl. So precious!

  3. Those are so pretty! That was a great idea:)

  4. (Gram) Janis MartensAugust 10, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    The jars of flowers turned out so beautiful. What a special way to remember what the pastor said about her being an unopened bud. This blog is a great tribute to Karinne, and testimony to all who read it.

  5. The jars are beautiful! You are so wonderful at creating these items for you and your other children to enjoy and remember Karinne with.

  6. Those are very beautiful Kara.

  7. An unopened bud...perfect. I love the photos of Karinne's garden and the lovely remembrances you made with the cut flowers. We have pink geraniums planted around Kristen's tree, too.