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Monday, May 23, 2011

Amazing Abigail

Today I wanted to share with you about Amazing Abigail - a sweet baby girl born with anencephaly last Monday in the Wichita area.  The amazing thing about Abigail is - She Is ONE WEEK OLD Today!!!

Abi's parents - Melissa and Danny - have been meeting with the perinatal hospice volunteers at Choices Medical Clinic since they found out her diagnosis.  Our mutual friends, Denise and Martha, introduced me to them over email about a month and a half ago so that I could give them any insight that could be helpful.  I know that they have also visited our blog several times.  Melissa and Danny were particularly interested in my thoughts on having a c section versus a vaginal birth.  So I gave them the best and most heartfelt explanation I could explaining why I was glad we chose a c section for Karinne.

And now - after having a c section with little Abigail - she has made it a Full Amazing Week and got to come home with her parents.  And it sounds like she is doing really well.  Wow - What a Blessing for this sweet family!!  You can visit their Caring Bridge site and send them some love and prayers at the following site:  where there is even a cute little photo of Abi.

Now - as happy as I am for Melissa and Danny, I have struggled this past week with wishing we could have been blessed with more time with Karinne.  It has been so hard to keep from wondering why WE couldn't have been given such a miracle.  Oh, how I would have loved to bring Karinne home from the hospital, to feed her, to bathe her, to change her diapers for goodness sake!  It's very difficult to keep from being envious and believe me - I've asked - "why God why?"  

But I know in my heart that Karinne's life was just as it was meant to be, just as God planned for it to be, and just as was best for our family. 

I know that some of you have been praying for me because I can feel myself coming out of the painful fog of the last few weeks.  I hadn't admitted it to hardly anyone, but the experience of Karinne's 1st Birthday has been VERY HARD on me.  And I felt in many ways like it was hard on ME alone.  But I know that your prayers have brought me through.  I'm beginning to feel the weight lifting of this latest wave of grief and I can begin to see the light of new beginnings shining on the horizon.   Thank you for your prayers - and for your sweet comments - please keep them coming!  =)


  1. That is amazing that Abigail is still alive! I hope she continues to do well. It certainly is a huge blessing to have that amount of time. We never got any time alive w/ Carleigh and although I have no regrets on my choice of birth I still wonder how she would have done had I decided to go w/ a section. I will stop by their site!

    I'm sorry her bday was so hard but Im not surprised. The first year is the toughest IMO and the first bday is the culmination of it all. I had a tough time leading up to Carleigh's first.

  2. What a blessing that Abigail is still alive. I hope they have her for alot longer. Sorry you had such painful time on Karinne's first birthday. We have been keeping you and yours in our prayers. Love and Hugs Julie (Mackenzie's Mommy)

  3. May God continue to be with you, strengthen you, and comfort you. There is a reason - although knowing that does not make it any easier to accept or go through. God has a plan. - Kathy

  4. I'm so sorry it was so hard but you are a mom with a mom's heart and you miss her. God is so faithful to always be walking with us and bring us on through. There will be joy again. Leanna

  5. How amazing that Abigail is thriving the way she is! That is wonderful. I know how it feels to wonder why you couldn't get that time also. When I ask why, God keeps coming back at me with,"You asked me for a miracle, and I delivered you one. Just not the same one I gave someone else."
    Eli's birthday put me in a funk also! I'm praying for you sweet friend! Hugs to you!

  6. I relate so much to everything you said. I had a c-section for Rachel and she still only lived for 43 minutes. While I'm grateful that she lived outside my womb at all, I couldn't help but be disappointed that it wasn't longer after allowing myself to be cut open for that purpose. What it all comes down to, is exactly what you said, God KNOWS what is best for each family. But I won't say I'm not envious...I would have done anything for a week with my girl. And at the same time, I am so thankful to God that He allows me to still rejoice with those who rejoice, even with my broken heart.

    I've been in a fog for a few weeks too and it is so hard to see your way through it. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and will be praying for you as you keep walking this long road.

    ♥ Stacy

  7. Thinking and praying for you{{hugs}}

  8. Thinking of you always Kara. Thank you for sharing the link to Abi's Caring Bridge Site. My thoughts are with her family as well as with yours.