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Monday, November 8, 2010

Updates on Previous Posts

I wanted to post a few updates today about posts from a few weeks ago. 

I mentioned on October 25th a prayer request for Anastasha's family:   

"Please say a little prayer for baby Anastasha's family - Craig and Tonya DeLisi and their 8 older children.  I've gotten to know this family through the Anencephaly Blessings From Above web forum.  Anastasha was diagnosed with anencephaly and Tonya is being induced tomorrow - October 26th.  Please pray that they would be blessed with precious time, beautiful memories, and a heavenly peace on the birth day of their sweet little girl!"

As it turns out, Anastasha was born on October 26th, on her mommy's birthday, and their family was deeply blessed to spend nearly an hour with their little princess before she went to heaven.  I wanted to update you by giving a link to the lovely blog created in Anastasha's memory.  I had the honor of helping her family "beautify" the blog and tweak things here and there.  It is an amazing testament to her life, to our Savior, and to her sweet family.  You can see for yourself by clicking the following link: Precious in His Sight  

I also wanted to give an update about the "Lasting Impressions" ministry I have started in honor of Karinne.  You can read my previous post about this by clicking here.

Last week on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to meet the parents of the sweet little boy whose hand and feet impressions I made.  It was a special time getting to meet them and present them with the precious mementos of their son.  They seemed very pleased to receive these gifts and I continue to pray that the impressions will bring them some measure of comfort and healing on their grief journey.   

Sadly, I found out this morning that I have the opportunity to make "lasting impressions" for another family.  I am in the process of making arrangements to go to the same town and funeral home as last time - believe it or not. This time, the sweet baby is a girl and her life was taken by anencephaly.  I know that this time will likely be much more difficult emotionally, with the similarities to Karinne.  With a heavy heart, I ask for your prayers as I prepare to make these precious gifts.  And more importantly, I ask that you would pray for this sweet little girl's family as they mourn the loss of their beloved daughter.


  1. What an amazing ministry you have been asked to carry on---because of Karinne.

  2. Praying for all that you have asked! Grace and mercy for those grieving and blessings to you for your wonderful ministry!

  3. Becuase of Karinne you have had the oppurtunity to help these families and minister to them. In so many ways Karinne has and is impacting many peoples lives. May God continue to work through you, you do an amazing job! Jason

  4. What an amazing gift you are giving families...praying for strength for you.

  5. Kara - Your ministry is sooo inspiring, and I know you provide a comfort and a light during the dark times of the lives you touch.

    Thank you for what you do!

  6. You are doing an amazing thing by extending yourself to grieving families as you are. I pray there will be healing on both sides.

  7. Will be saying a prayer for you. It is very sweet of you to do this for those families. I will also pray for this dear family and keeping Anastasha's family in my prayers. You did an amazing job on her blog, you have a talent for it. You have such a gracious heart and I know these families will treasure their hand and footprints forever. I know I cherish ours.