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Monday, November 1, 2010


My parents visited this weekend and my mom and I went out to the cemetery to plant some bulbs at Karinne's grave.  We planted pink and white daffodils, pink tulips, lavender iris, and purple grape hyacinths.  It is my hope that these bulbs will survive the winter and the rabbits (who love to leave droppings) and that they will be blooming around Karinne's birthday in May.  

We also removed some of the faded summer flowers and added new fall ones, pumpkins, and a little scarecrow.  The boys had drawn faces on 2 of the pumpkins.  I love this little scarecrow with its cute ruffle and little smile.  It makes me smile to look at it - but also a little melancholy too.  Kinda reminds me of my expression a lot of times.  Smiling lips, but somber eyes.

Halloween last year, we were just starting to tell people that we were pregnant.  I called my sister Jessica to tell her I was pregnant too.  We were so excited that our babies would be born close together.  I remember thinking as I was taking photos of the 3 kids in their costumes last year about what our new little one would wear this year.  (Sigh)  And also thinking about how excited the kids would be in a few weeks when we would tell them the big news. (Sigh again)

In spite of the bittersweet memories - it was a lovely Halloween yesterday.  We spent the day with my folks and my sister Valerie's family at our house.  We dressed up the kids and took them trick-or-treating.  They all looked so cute!  And the weather was fabulous too.  Here are a few photos of DaNae, Noah and Ian in their costumes:

Ready for Trick or Treating - The boys would only pose if I let them make "Dragon Faces"

The Boys as Night Fury and Zippleback Dragons from "How to Train Your Dragon"

The Back View

DaNae as a Cowgirl


  1. ((Hugs)) I am sorry that Karrine wasn't there like you had planned. It is so hard. Your kids look so cute in their costumes. And you did a great job decorating Karinne's grave. So sweet.

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures. So cute! Karinne's new decorations look really nice! I am so sorry that it was not the Halloween you had hoped for with so much joy at this time last year. :(

    It such a difficult dance moving through these days without our little ones.

  3. The kids costumes are great! Karinne's decorations on her site look so sweet, just like she did... and forever will she stay in our hearts. Thinking of you often and we share your site with all our new clients. Keep up the good work. So proud of you!!

  4. Love the kids' costumes! So cute! I love how you decorated for Karinne, very nice! I especially love her shoes and all the little pumpkins.