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Monday, December 13, 2010

Karinne's Tree and Stocking at Home

Today I wanted to share photos of Karinne's tree and her stocking that we have put up at our house.  It has been such a comfort to me to be able to create new traditions with our family that involve Karinne - even though she can't be here with us.  

The pink bunny and the white bunny are twins to the ones we placed with Karinne in her treasure box.   The larger pink one plays a sweet lullaby.  The angel bear was another special gift during the pregnancy.  

Karinne's cute little footprints are on this lovely bulb.  It turned out pretty cute!  On the back side, I painted her name and birthdate on it.  I keep rotating it to see each side. 

We made 4 of these sweet impressions of Karinne's hand and they make such pretty ornaments.  My plan is for each of her siblings to have one of these for their own trees someday.

There are 3 of these porcelain angels on Karinne's tree.  Our neighbors whose children frequently come over to our yard to play brought these over one night as they were finishing decorating their tree.  The mom Rachelle said, "I collect angels and have 2 sets of these.  Courtney said we should give them to DaNae's family for Karinne's table."   I was very touched by their thoughtfulness and think they made a beautiful addition to the tree.

The tiny little hearts with footprints that are spread throughout the tree are the remaining pocket tokens that were given to us as a sweet reminder to our family members of Karinne.  They made such a cute little added touch to the tree. 

The garland of ribbon came from the wagon we used to carry Karinne's treasure box out of the church the day of her funeral.  Which I've probably never posted about....  We decorated my parents' little red wagon with white satin ruffles and this ribbon and used it to carry her from the church to our van at the end of the funeral.  It was a sweet and symbolic way of taking her for one last special ride as a family.  I've only just this week taken off the decorations and sent it home with my parents.  It has been sitting in my studio room for 7 months - waiting for me to be okay with taking it apart.  It was only now, with a new special use for this ribbon in remembering our sweet baby girl, that I was able to finally let the wagon go. 

And of course, her sweet little pink and brown bear hat sits at the top of the tree.  

 And this is Karinne's Stocking:

I was very happy to find this beautiful stocking with the sparkly snowflake on it that matched the red on the rest of ours SO well.  And I love that the snowflake gives hers a "heavenly" touch to set it apart from the rest.  I did have to change the top from a fuzzy brown to green to match the others.  But my sis, Jessica, had this material that is a great match and I think it turned out really well.  DaNae was so very excited to hang Karinne's stocking next to hers.  And she kept after me to get it done.  I'm so glad she loves her sister so much!


  1. Karinne's tree is gorgeous! How special! Her stocking is so precious also! Thank you for sharing!

  2. The tree and stocking are beautiful. What a sweet way to remember her during Christmas. A wonderful tradition to share with your kids.
    Aunt Jessica

  3. That is a BEAUTIFUL tree!!! Her stocking too. It is so sweet how much love her siblings have.

  4. The Tree is beautiful! I love the stockings as well. Sending you Hugs and Lots of Love ;O)

  5. Beautiful Tree, very special. I love the stocking also. Thanks for sharing. Julie

  6. Kara, its me Kat, Luisa's mom. I love this idea. Such a beautiful, uplifting way to keep her a part of your life. Love it.