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Monday, December 20, 2010

A Special Weekend and Special Songs

Thanks to Shannon for this Beautiful Photo Gift of Karinne's Name on your Angel Tree.  I love it!!

This past weekend, Curt and I had a really special experience meeting and visiting with 6 other Kansas families who have lost babies this past year or so.  Our wonderful friends Martha and Denise, who we met through Choices Medical Clinic's perinatal hospice program, hosted a special gathering for all of the families they have worked with this past year.  We had a lovely dinner together and then were able to share our babies' stories in an open and loving environment.  It was such an incredible experience - getting to meet these other families and talk openly about what we've all gone through.  And without the uncomfortable silences and awkward subject changes that we've all experienced in other settings when we've tried to talk about our babies.   I had heard about some of the families and had contact with a couple of them beforehand.  Martha & Denise had shared my blog with several of them too.  It was humbling and yet oh-so-touching to hear how Karinne's story and my candid journals had been such a help to other families.  It really was an amazing experience!  Sending much love and big hugs to all you sweet families and Martha and Denise too. 

Also with today's post I wanted to share a song and video that really touched me earlier this month.  Be sure to pause the playlist at the bottom of the page before starting the music video.

A friend shared this song with me and I was watching it when DaNae came and asked me what I was looking at.  So I started it over from the beginning so she could watch it along with me. 

When we finished watching it, she said with a smile something like, 
"I bet Karinne is in line to see Jesus."  

Hmmm, so true and such a beautiful thought - sweet daughter of mine!

A good reminder of the true meaning of this blessed Christmas season.

I also wanted to share another song that touched my heart.  Shared by another friend - "Christmas in Heaven"

"Oh I wonder - What Christmas in Heaven is Like. . . . ."


  1. Thank you for sharing these two videos. You are a true blessing to those around you. - Kathy

  2. I wonder also! I bet the celebration is unbelievable! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! How neat that you got to meet so many other families. xoxo

  3. What a wonderful song! I had heard the first one last week but had not heard the second. That is such a great opportunity to meet with other families, there is such a bond with others who have suffered from the loss of a child. Hope you have an awesome Christmas!

  4. So sweet, I bet Karinne does not have to wait in line at all!

    Sending so much love your way!