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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow Fun

All winter long, we have been planning to build a snowman and snow angels out at the cemetery for Karinne.  And all winter long, with each passing snowfall, for one reason or another we haven't gotten it done.  Well finally, on February 11th, my birthday, I decided I wanted to go out and do just that.  Here are some photos of how our afternoon turned out. 

We all took turns making snow angels and posing for photos.  I decided not to share the ones of Curt and I on the ground!  =)  It was a lovely day with the temps in the 40's.  The snow was almost too moist for snow angels.  But we got them done.

The warm weather made the snow PERFECT for snowman making.  Our little "Snow Girl" came together quite nicely with various decorative touches we brought from home.


Isn't She Cute!!

The snow was also PERFECT for snowball fights.  When we were finished with the snowgirl, we spent some time having a snowball fight and playing catch with the snow balls.  Once more, it was great to be the only grave in our area.  We were all over the place out there!

Before we left, we decided to make Karinne's name in the snow a few more times.  This next one is one DaNae made.


And this last one, Curt and I made with our boot tracks in the snow.  It was so big, Curt had to climb up on top of the blazer to take the photo.  And it was actually TWO photos that I photoshop-ed together.  Oh, how I love to see her name!

Oh, and - I finally have my doctor appointment tomorrow - Wednesday - that was rescheduled from 2 weeks ago.  Excited to hear that amazing heartbeat!!  And hopefully we will finally schedule a sonogram to check if everything looks okay with the baby.  I'm looking forward to those results with both excitement and nervousness - hopefulness and dread.  We would greatly appreciate your continued prayers.


  1. Love it! How fun and what great family time with Karinne! Hugs to you my friend!

    Love, Angela

  2. What a cute little snow girl. I am glad you were able to enjoy some time playing with all your kids.

  3. How beautiful and sweet! That looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful time!

  4. Love the snow girl!
    Best wishes for your appointment.
    Prayers for you and your little one will not cease!
    Big Hugs!