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Monday, April 4, 2011

April Randomness

Well, today's post may be a little random....a little here and a little there. 

Yesterday, I spent time with some of my family for my beautiful niece's 3rd birthday.  And my sweet littlest niece and nephew were there too.  Jonah is now 10 months - and walking.  And Hallee is almost 9 months and crawling around.  They are both as cute as can be.  Of course, as always, I found myself thinking at times that there should be 3 babies.  But it wasn't as painful as it once was.  (Thank You Lord.)  And I don't know why, but I can't seem to imagine what Karinne would be like had she been able to stay.  For some reason, I can only imagine her the way she was - tiny and fragile - broken and yet oh-so-beautiful in her own unique way.  I guess it's comforting to me in some ways and it gives me a kind of peace knowing that I accept her just the way she was.  That I don't try to imagine her any other way.  Not that I don't wish things could have been different.  But I accept it - or as last week's song post - "It Is Well With My Soul."

This week is 20 weeks with our Little One.  In many ways, it's hard to believe that we are 1/2 way there.  We have so much to do.......   I've been able to feel his or her wiggles for a couple of weeks now and it's a wonderful feeling.  And yet - - it brings tears to my eyes too - - remembering how much I loved and cherished Karinne's movements this time last year.  Yet another bittersweet part of this journey.  Oh, how I would love to be able to raise them both.......

Boy - I'm making myself cry here.  That wasn't really my plan when I sat down to write tonight. 

I wanted to also request prayers for a couple of families tonight.  A while back, I told you about sweet baby Aurelia who has acrania.  Today marks 40 weeks!!  I'm so happy for Katrina and Matt that they have been able to carry her to her due date.  And I ask you to join me in praying for an easy delivery and for precious time with their precious little girl.  You can send them your love at their caring bridge site by clicking here. 

Please also say a prayer for baby Abigail's parents.  Abi has anencephaly and is currently 34 weeks along.   I "met" her mother, Melissa, through Denise and the perinatal hospice team at Choices Medical Clinic and have been emailing with her today.  Abi is their first child and they are really struggling with the decision of having a vaginal or cesarean delivery.  I offered her my own experience and also insight I gathered from several other moms last year when I was asking the same agonizing questions.  Please pray that they would be able to make the right decision for their family and to know God's will for Abigail's birth.  And that if they decide to go cesarean - that their doctor will be understanding and supportive.  It's SUCH a hard decision.  Just breaks my heart for them.  Pray for PEACE above all about whichever way they decide to go.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind a few prayers coming my way either.  April is my crazy month at work.  As a high school art teacher - I have 3 art shows between now and May 2nd.  Setting up and taking down.  Traveling to shows and taking students with me.  AND next week, I will be sponsoring my 11th Prom - supervising and task-mastering all of the decorating ALL WEEK LONG - and sponsoring the banquet and dance on the 16th.  I could sure use your prayers that things would go smoothly, that I can stay rested, fed and hydrated, and that my family can keep from going crazy while I do so.  =) 


  1. Kara, keeping you in our prayers. Keeping the others in our prayers also. Make sure you rest as much as possible in this really busy time. Love and Hugs Julie Brayfield (Mackenzie's mommy)

  2. Praying for the families you mentioned and then also for yours!

  3. I will definitely pray for you and those families!

  4. Praying for your friends! I don't know how I missed this post but so glad I came back across it. I am the same way, at times I do find myself picturing Olivia as an 11 month old but more often find myself turning from newborns because that is how I remember her. One of my best friends and neighbors has a girl just a couple of months younger than Olivia, almost always I am fine with her but lately find myself picturing the "what if she were here too" *sigh*

    Good luck with art shows and prom!!!