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Monday, April 18, 2011

Surviving Prom Week

Well - It's over and done with for another year.  My 11th year as prom sponsor went pretty well all in all.  It was exhausting, but we had a great group of juniors and I had an excellent assistant sponsor in Dayna.  Curt was great with taking care of the kids.  And DaNae & Noah did a great job of playing and staying out of the way all of the times they were there hanging out.

I just wanted to share a few photos of all of our hard work.  And show off the baby bump of our Little One and I - all dressed up for prom.

Amazing what a lot of cardboard, foam, lights, netting, and hot glue can turn into.  And amazing that someone's job is to come up with all of these prom kits.

We had 2 of these archways.  And although very attractive, they were not at all sturdy.  One actually got knocked over by an unsuspecting couple at the promenade.  Oh, well.  No one got hurt and it gave us a funny memory from this prom - that's for sure!
I always try to "match" the prom - at least a little bit.  This year it was a turquoise ribbon above my baby bump and a fused glass necklace I made in one of my art classes.

And Turquoise Nail Polish - which Ian says is pretty and DaNae says is very ugly. =)
It really was a good week.  I'm so thankful for that and thankful for all of your prayers that helped me along the way.  I did find myself overcome by emotions though and boy the tears did flow - in quiet moments to myself - remembering prom a year ago.  My baby girl Karinne's one and only prom and the time I spent with her in the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  It's a strange sense of deja vu to be pregnant again - to wear a maternity dress again - to have people catering to me during decorating again.  So hard.  So bittersweet.  So very up and down.  

And Karinne's 1st birthday is just 3 weeks away.  So very hard to believe.  Miss you Baby Girl!!!


  1. Kara, I know you Miss your Baby Girl. I know we always will. You and Karinne have made such impact on our journey. We are so thankful for you both. How awesome is it that Karinne got to go to prom. Thinking of you daily and keeping you and your beautiful family in our prayers. Julie (Mackenzie's Mommy)

  2. Sorry I forgot to tell you how Beautiful you look for prom. I love the polish. Love and Hugs
    Julie (Mackenzie's Mommy)

  3. Bittersweet indeed! Hmmm, I think I like the polish! :)

    That staircase is almost celestial. ;) Karinne is surly dancing away at the best prom with her date, Jesus.

    Can't wait to see it for myself!

  4. Kara:

    Maybe next year you can get Curt to dress up and pose with you. Like he is YOUR date!!!

  5. You are beautiful! I love that baby bump! Yes, bittersweet is the correct word for the emotions of a rainbow baby! The decorations for the prom are amazing!

  6. Love the baby bump :) You look awesome! Will be thinking of you often as we approach our little girls birthdays!

  7. Thank you, Kara, for the extremely kind words you have left on my blog the past two days. I cannot thank you enough for sending me the website for the burial items. We have ordered one with their names on it. Josephine and Beatrice--Our Lord told me last week while praying in church that my twins were girls. I did not know what to make of that until I lost them. God bless you and your family.

  8. Beautiful! Wow I am in awe of how amazing it all looks! Kara, you look beautiful! I love the nail polish and the shoes!

  9. Hi again. I have awarded you a versatile blogger award. If you are interested in participating just go to my blog on my latest post to see what it is all about. Happy Easter!

  10. The pictures are very good and I am sure the students had a great time. You always have great decorations. You looked beautiful in your dress! Happy Resurrection Sunday.Love Aunt Sandi