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Monday, October 18, 2010

Karinne's Lasting Impressions

I wanted to share today about a special opportunity I had last week to help another family who recently lost a baby.  Over the summer, I began thinking about meaningful ways to carry on a legacy in Karinne's honor.  What could I provide to other families that was unique and that may be overlooked in the shock and devastation of a sudden loss?  I thought about the special mementos that we were blessed to be able to gather since we knew ahead of time that Karinne would not be able to be with us for long.  Those special items mean so much to me now that she is gone.   But for so many families - the loss is unexpected - and the time to gather memories is SO fleeting!  So, back in August I came up with the idea that I wanted to offer to make 3D hand and foot moldings and impressions for bereaved families.  We were so blessed when Karinne was born to have a kit for this from String of Pearls and also to have our friends from Choices Medical Clinic come and create these mementos for us.  So, I ordered the supplies and discussed the idea with a few people including Brooke, the NILMDTS photographer who took photos of Karinne.  And then - I hoped and prayed that no one would need me - but if they did - that I would be "prepared" and "able" to make it happen.

Last week, through Brooke, I had the opportunity to do just that.  I don't think it's necessary or appropriate to share details of the sweet baby boy who went to heaven last week.  But I just wanted to share that I am so glad that I followed my heart and the direction that God has been leading me in starting this ministry.  My dear friend Rhonda and I were able to go and make the 3D moldings and impressions and everything came out looking great - despite our nerves, our emotions, and our lack of experience.  It is my sincere prayer that these precious impressions will bring some measure of comfort to this baby boy's family.  And that through these tiny mementos, Karinne's life and her story will continue to make a lasting impression as well.  

Please remember this family in your prayers as they mourn the loss of their tiny, beautiful son!

Karinne's Lasting Impressions:


  1. :-( They are beautiful! What a great way to carry on Karinne's name!


  2. Kara.....
    You have found a wonderful way to keep Karinne's spirit alive for your family, and are providing a precious gift to the families you will encounter as you bless them with your talents and love.
    Think of you often.

  3. Kara -
    What a blessing you are to others. Taking your thoughts, feelings, etc., from Karinne to help others. May God continue to bless you as you reach out to others.
    Kathy W

  4. Beautiful...I'm so glad you were able to help another bereaved mother.

  5. I'm so sorry that the time came when your services were needed but I'm glad that you have chosen to honor Karinne and do this for other families. Simply beautiful.

  6. So beautiful. The staff at Children's Mercy did 3D moldings of Kristen's foot and hand for us, though we had no idea at the time. They sent them to us a few months after her death. The moldings are such a precious memento. God bless you, Kara, for reaching through your own loss to touch the life of someone else. Karinne would be proud of her momma.

  7. Wow, those are beautiful! I'm so pleased to read that you were able to go and do this for another family.

  8. Those are so precious. That is such a wonderful way to honor Karinne!

  9. You are such a blessing Kara! I know these will mean so much to the family. ((HUGS))

  10. they are beautiful, i have never seen a 3D mold. that is wonderful that Karinne can live on through the good you are doing for others!

  11. I found a quote today and thought of my little Aislynne and your little Karinne and her beautiful flower bud in the jar . . . ."Budded on earth, to Bloom in Heaven"

    They truly were buds that have bloomed so beautifully in Heaven!! I can't wait to meet them.